Women’s History Month on LinkedIn

I had such a great time last month writing about many of the amazing women who have touched my life in a series of posts on LinkedIn for #womenshistorymonth, I thought I would make them easily accessible here.

Katy Castagna

I read a post recently that was liked by one of my connections celebrating several women in his organization for Women’s History Month. It made me think about the women in my life and career who influenced me so thought I would write about a few of them.

Today’s subject of my admiration is Katy Castagna, a remarkable woman who had a big impact on me. I met Katy in business school as we were working toward our MBAs. It’s impossible not to like Katy. She is warm, kind, smart, and dedicated to causes advocating for the betterment of people and the environment. You can get a sense of that just from her profile as she spent the last 17 years working her way up the ladder at United Way…

Sandra Lange

In my second post for #womenshistorymonth, I’d like to highlight Sandra Lange, one of my dearest friends and who was key to the success of my business, Advanced Media Post.

I met Sandra when she was a runner for one of my clients. At AMP, we mainly made DVD masters for a variety of content owners and she worked for one of them, managing the vault and bringing over video tape masters and other assets for us to master into DVDs. We would chat when she would drop off the materials and I just grew to like her. She was (and is) friendly, direct, smart, funny, and just an all-around great person…

Stefanie Gamberg

In my third post for #womenshistorymonth, let me tell you about Stefanie Gamberg, one of the smartest people I have ever met.

Stefanie and I interviewed for the same position at NBCUniversal. She got the job, but I ended up getting a different role. Frankly, she was a better fit for the original position so it was definitely a win-win…

Connie Mak

In my fourth post for #womenshistorymonth, I’m going to extoll the virtues of Connie Mak, one of my favorite people, a great friend, and source of endless positivity.

I hired Connie at NBCUniversal to replace a great data analyst and friend, Rohit Vaswani. Rohit left some big shoes to fill and while Connie is a very different person than Rohit, she more than filled them – she made them her own…

Emily Case

In my fifth post for #womenshistorymonth, I get to write about Emily Case, a delightful person who made coming to work an absolute pleasure.

When I think of Emily, the quality that stands out the most, other than her obvious intellect, is her unique sense of humor. Whether it is to break the ice, lighten the mood, or disarm others, she is keenly aware of how to use humor to the best effect. I credit her with keeping a working relationship with a 3rd party team from devolving into complete chaos with her light thoughtful touch. I was certainly no help in that situation. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team…

Quick Shouts Out

For my penultimate post for #womenshistorymonth, I wanted to give a few quick shouts out to a number of women with whom I have worked over the years. I didn’t know or keep in touch with them as well as the others about whom I’ve written, but all of them are smart, professional, and left a lasting impression on me…

Family – Mom, Teri, & Isabelle

For my ultimate post on this last day of #womenshistorymonth, I’m going to the cliché of writing about my family.

Due to character count limitations, just a quick note about my mom. She was a kind generous soul who was beloved by almost everyone who met her and was, of course, the foundational influence on my life…

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